#WineLife Decal

#WineLife Decal

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Living the wine life? Don't hide it under a barrel; declare it!

This one-of-a-kind Virginia #WineLife decal is removable/repositionable, because we all know that the Wine Life is essentially the life of a nomad, trekking from one oasis to the next, searching...searching...always searching for the next perfect tasting bar.

Make this cheeky sticker your wine country wingman, or stick it proudly to your office window...because even though you're an inside weenie by day, your heart is out there...and you're not afraid to let your co-weenies know.

Note that these are applied to the INSIDE of the glass, so you don't have to worry about them peeling off in treacherous weather, or being scraped off by green-eyed  California wannabes.  

3x5 inches