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BUY A BUNCH! $5 per book AND free shipping!

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Looking for a unique & personal gift that says "go have fun!" for your employees, team, family, clients or club? Want to sell the Virginia Wine Travel Journal in your book store or gift shop?

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About the Virginia Wine Travel Journal book:

Note: This is the most current edition of the Journal (2019/2020). 

New wineries and cideries, new Wine Country Getaway Weekend itineraries, behind-the-scenes articles, Winery VIP Experiences, plus which Virginia wineries offer dining and lodging. 

This handy, wire-bound planner is filled with maps, checklists (how many wineries have you been to? how many Virginia-grown grapes have you tried?), "hidden gems," and wine country stories.

Perfect for plotting getaways, checking off winery visits, taking notes, and picking up insider tips.

  • Top wines and winemakers
  • Stay - and Dine! - at these wineries
  • Bring your dog into these 50 winery tasting rooms
  • Where you can bring your kids (and where you can't!)

Plus, a beautiful Foreword by Washington Post wine writer Dave McIntyre and these stories...

  • Virginia wine trends
  • Spitting: Just Do It
  • Adversity Meets Opportunity (what to expect from the 2018 harvest)
  • Wine Trail Glitterati (Virginia wine country super travelers)
  • The Legendary Dennis Horton - Virginia's true wine pioneer
  • The Grower of Barboursville - Meet Fernando Franco, Barboursville Vineyards' #1 Bad Hombre
  • A Grape Life - Profile of Virginia Winegrowers (do you have what it takes?)
  • Winery Etiquette 101
  • How to Read a Label (is your wine really from Virginia?)
  • Will Early Mountain Vineyards' new $95 bottle raise the bar?
  • Top 25 Tasting Room Questions (to make your pourer love you)

And, say hello to Team Virginia: 30 immigrant winery owners, vineyard bosses, and winemakers whose #VAWineLove has helped transform the industry. 

Full-color photos of wineries, romantic inns, wine country restaurants and locally-focused shops

Track and take notes at wineries you visit, and check off how many of the 70+ Virginia-grown grape varieties you've sampled

10 regional maps help you easily see which wineries are near where you're headed